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Questions or Why to Ask Them

When most folks ask questions, these guys talk about them. What do I mean? Just that the other day I heard Laurel & Hardy talking about questions. Ask them, answer them, and go on … Why would anyone discuss questions? … Continue reading

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Roles and Actors

So who is a good actor? Someone who can play the role well is indeed a good actor. And then, there are folks who, when they play a role, make it seem as though the role was written for them. … Continue reading

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Child in the Bus

Hardy is of the opinion that one little child can keep the entire bus busy. Of course, he was paraphrasing … The real saying in Pubjabi is that one child can keep the entire household busy. Well, this wasn’t busy … Continue reading

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Colours and Thoughts

Discussing colours (which my phone keeps changing to cookout) is what these guys were doing. How they got there is a different story altogether. After all, what is the connect between breakfast and colours? Well, these guys built one, though … Continue reading

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Alarming Autism

Laurel has been doing some research (or so we gathered from outer eavesdropping at the bus stop) about autism, and it seems the data is alarming. The mid-80’s, apparently, had an incident rate of 1 in 2500 children being diagnosed … Continue reading

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Of Evolution

Overheard (at the bus stop) these two nuts discussing … evolution! I mean, who does that, before breakfast, that is. I guess Laurel & Hardy do. The question is, why is it that different societies all over the world have … Continue reading

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9-Minute Nonsense Blog

Welcome to the 9-minute nonsense blog. We can hear you saying there’s plenty of that around, but please of hold on … There’s nothing which is 9 minutes. Why 9 minutes? That’s because anything shorter is more in the category … Continue reading

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