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The Narrative Continued

Continuing from the earlier post about the Pakistani narrative about Hindu-Muslim relations in the sub-continent, and the idea that Pakistan is the real inheritor of the legacy of the Mughals, where we had asked who you think we are referring … Continue reading

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Kudos To A Life …

A life well lived … a life lived in a way that when the man died, the word that most of the people knew him were using was generous. The Sardar of English literature passed away a few days back. … Continue reading

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Women’s Day

Heard these guys joking about the idea of Women’s Day … Their story is that every day is women’s day. For a son, every day is about listening to Mom. Women’s Day. For an elder brother, every day is about … Continue reading

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Two Songs

Continuing on the theme of repackaging tradition, these guys were talking about two songs. Actually, one song, sung in two different ways, separated by more than 30 years. An iconic song, this song is a celebration of a movement. This … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Education

These guys were discussing some rather heavy questions. On an empty stomach. One wonders how they could. But they were busy discussing a rather weighty question, and that too quite loudly. They seemed to have a difference in opinion about … Continue reading

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Teaching Maths

These guys like to talk about maths. Not that they know much about it, but that doesnt stop one from pretending to know, does it? You would know quite a few people like that. So the other day, these guys … Continue reading

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