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Heritage Re-Presented

This one’s about them discussing the topic of music. But instead of appreciating music, or exchanging notes about their favourites (if they discuss music, they must have favourites, i suppose), they were discussing about something which i find quite interesting … Continue reading

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A Legend – A Little Tribute

At first I thought the title of this post should be “The End of a Legend”, but then legends never ends. Like the grand old man of Indian music, a legendary singer, who left the world today, but whose legend … Continue reading

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What Is Science?

When one is talking about civilization, can the topic of science be far behind? After all, we seem to associate the idea of civilization with scientific achievement. The only reason why i am writing this as a separate post, and … Continue reading

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Civilization, Or What Is It?

Knowing these guys, its a little difficult to picture them talking about being civilized. You should see them go at each other to understand what thats about. But well, they were talking about civilization. And the question a very simple … Continue reading

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A Good Musician

Inside every one of us is a musician. The point is, some of us are able to express that inner music, and some are not. Some are able to express it in quite melodic tones, some not so melodic. But … Continue reading

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Differently Abled

Hardy was talking the other day about a young man he has met a couple of times. So why was he talking about this guy? This guy, and Hardy doesn’t know his name (idiot, didn’t I tell you?) is to … Continue reading

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Teaching Maths

These guys like to talk about maths. Not that they know much about it, but that doesnt stop one from pretending to know, does it? You would know quite a few people like that. So the other day, these guys … Continue reading

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