Alarming Autism

Laurel has been doing some research (or so we gathered from outer eavesdropping at the bus stop) about autism, and it seems the data is alarming. The mid-80’s, apparently, had an incident rate of 1 in 2500 children being diagnosed autistic, and a recent statistical survey (let’s not get into how recent) of unquestionable reputation (or so Mr. Laurel would have us believe) shows that this incidence has sharply increased to 1 in 88 children being diagnosed with autism. The question to be asked is why this staggering increase in the incidence rate for autistic children.

There are other, further questions related to the future of these children, and to the future of society as a whole with this kind of trend, but let’s not venture there now.

One theory doing the rounds is that there is a bowel-to-brain connection. Seriously … You read it right. Now, I know we all know somebody or the other who fits that description, often called colorful names, but this guy was talking about it with a completely straight face. The idea is that gluten from wheat and ceasin from milk don’t get past the small intestine, and being accumulated there, they produce some odious chemicals (not the ones you are thinking … Those come naturally to a lot of people) which act as oxygen inhibitors in the brain. This, as even any bowel-to-brain guy would be able to see, would impair the functioning of the brain.

Of course, there is also the question of children being brought up on milk and wheat, and living normal lives. This depends on the sensitivity towards these substances, coupled with the way the immune system is able to handle them.

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3 Responses to Alarming Autism

  1. Zameer says:

    Yes Mr. Hardy, There are quite a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding this. (Vaccinations to Electromagnetic pollution) I totally welcome this, Infact it is very much needed. when you can have millions of theories for a twin tower fall where only 3000 lives were affected why not for Autism, where millions of our sweet little ones getting affected.

    The current scientific anwers of “awareness and better diagnosis could be the reason for such a spike” is not very convincing to me.
    Surely NOT !!


  2. Zameer says:

    But watching such inspiring stories, leaves lots of hope indeed


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