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The Ethos Of Lahore

These guys were talking about this video which is about Lahore. In this video, noted journalist Mubasher Lucman talks about Lahore. Lahore is one of the oldest cities in South Asia, with a history which spans more than 4000 years, … Continue reading

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A Rafi Medley

On a Sunday afternoon, to get you saunter down memory lane, heres some of the favourite songs from yesteryears, by one of the favourite singers of those days … Mohammed Rafi. When one thinks of Mohammed Rafi, can one help … Continue reading

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Turn Right To Go Left

Heres a dirt-racing lesson from one of my favourite movies … and a simple lesson too. Turn right to go left! The best part is that it works. Or as my Grandpa used to say … Bohoti kaali na paao, … Continue reading

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Animated Biography of Rumi

Heres an excellent movie, animated, a biography of the great Saint, Maulana Rumi. The story is well told, and the music brilliant. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!

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Two Songs

Continuing on the theme of repackaging tradition, these guys were talking about two songs. Actually, one song, sung in two different ways, separated by more than 30 years. An iconic song, this song is a celebration of a movement. This … Continue reading

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This morning, Hardy was going on about stereotypes, and how they tend to create a popular perception, which sort of tend to colour our opinions. He was talking about a joke from Facebook. Laurel, being a movies person, chimed in. … Continue reading

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The Genders

The other day, these guys were discussing (no marks for guessing) women. The bus was particularly crowded, and i suppose they realized folks were listening to their inane talk, so they lowered their volume, but enough to be still heard … Continue reading

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