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Women’s Day

Heard these guys joking about the idea of Women’s Day … Their story is that every day is women’s day. For a son, every day is about listening to Mom. Women’s Day. For an elder brother, every day is about … Continue reading

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Kala Doriya

For all my Punjabi friends from around the world, this should be a throw-back to Grandma, as it is for me. These are ladies who would be contemporaries to elderly folks nearing the century mark, if not more. Some of … Continue reading

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The Genders — Contrarian

These guys were going at each other today. Actually, there was no need to eavesdrop. They were so loud, the deaf could hear them. They had apparently read the post about gender from a few days back. And they were … Continue reading

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The Genders

The other day, these guys were discussing (no marks for guessing) women. The bus was particularly crowded, and i suppose they realized folks were listening to their inane talk, so they lowered their volume, but enough to be still heard … Continue reading

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