Stretch of Road

Like many cities which straddle the traditional and the modern with aplomb, Singapore can give you plenty of sights which give you an idea, over a brief stretch of road, of the worlds Singapore does straddle. Theres traditional architecture, and the modern, humour, and stories (maybe many which we dont even know).

We started the other day at a more traditional part of Singapore, called Arab Street, the history for which you can find here. But of course, pictures are what are needed to complete the picture of the neighbourhood.

It starts with this painting done on the entire wall of a house (of which you can see the window).


A short walk down the street, one comes to a parallel street where the houses are all two-storey, and the architecture part of the heritage that is Singaporean … somewhat like this.

20150103_182141You dont have to look far, though, to see modernity and tradition mixing as neighbours.

20150103_182301A short walk down the street brings you to the iconic Muscat Street (yes, the streets in this part are named after the cities of the Middle Street, and this goes quite well with the ambience, and the food options you find here), with a beautiful view of the Masjid Sultan, which Laurel tells us, is built purely on donations from Muslims of the day, and so, the dome of the mosque rests on bottles, which were donated by a rich trader (glass being a valuable commodity in those days).

20150103_183245Just across the street is the artistically done Malay Heritage Centre.

20150103_183341Of course, some of the folks have a sense of humour, like these folks here, except that when you have caught a cold, you dont really want something cold … maybe vodka shots warmer than … what?

20150103_183536And next door is this beautiful building with a shop whose name could get lost in translation.

20150103_183633Walk around, and you will see street named after the big cities of the Middle East, and one of them is Bussorah Street, where Sushi Express is ready to take you on a Dubaii Escapade.

20150103_184051This is right next door to the artistically walled Sufi’s Corner, with the delicious Baklava.

20150103_184227Further down the road, one would reach Parkview Square, an elegant building, with a beautiful swan ready to take off.

20150103_185151Right next door is this building, which could look strange, given that looked at from certain angles, it almost looks like a 2-dimensional building.

20150103_184955Walking further down, one reaches a part of Singapore which is as modern as it gets, with this mall …

20150103_185529Or this view of the iconic Suntec Towers …

20150103_185619This would be right before one comes across this …

20150103_185728Which is right next door to the Tony & Guy (and no, the queue is not to get in there, but for the food).

20150103_190038And this, in turn, is right next door to another part of Singapore’s heritage …


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