Roles and Actors

So who is a good actor? Someone who can play the role well is indeed a good actor. And then, there are folks who, when they play a role, make it seem as though the role was written for them. When i say this, i have some of the popular characters in mind, whose stories i have liked reading, and when i did get to watch those characters being played on screen, the portrayal of those characters matched almost exactly the image i had drawn of those characters in my head.

To begin is the role of Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett in the Granada production. The picture you drew up in your head about what Sherlock Holmes must be like, his mannerisms was exactly how Jeremy Brett managed to get on screen, with an equally brilliant performances by David Burke, and Edward Hardwicke, both playing Dr. Watson.

Heres two of the favourites for your viewing pleasure.

On a similar note, i was more than pleasantly surprised when i first saw the movie Joy Baba Felunath. An amazing portrayal of the character of our lovable Feluda played by Soumitra Chatterjee, with equally brilliant performances by Santosh Dutta, Siddartha Chatterjee, and Utpal Dutt.

In a similar vein is the performance of the role of Hercule Poirot by David Suchet. The role played by David Suchet (who incidentally played Inspector Japp in an earlier production) is exactly like the image i had formed of Poirot in my head, as was Hastings, as played by Hugh Fraser.

Heres one of the favourites from this series.

A similar performance is to be found with Geraldine McEwen playing Miss Marple … the picture you draw in your head of what Miss Marple would be like is exactly how Geraldine McEwen plays in these movies.

Heres one of the favourites.

At this point, a little thought … when an actor plays a character which has already been played by a legend, comparisons do tend to happen, and usually people find the original much better than the later one. Having said that, i feel there are two series which dont quite agree with this description. Martin Cumberbatch and Sabyasachi Chakraborty have bucked this with their portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and Feluda respectively.

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4 Responses to Roles and Actors

  1. Atul says:

    Nice post. These ones are among the favourites. Heres the link to probably the best Poirot story …


  2. Atul says:

    While on Agatha Christie’s stories, heres another popular one …


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