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Yesterday Today

A memory from childhood Hardy was talking about. This is a traditional Punjabi boli … any Punjabi would know it … Bari barsi. But wait a minute … would any Punjabi? He said he heard this at weddings when growing … Continue reading

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A Song About …

Heres a Punjabi classic which is another nice example of how some of the pearls of our heritage can be re-presented in a new age. This is the song called Kamlee. Kamlee comes from from the great Saint Baba Bulle … Continue reading

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Turn Right To Go Left

Heres a dirt-racing lesson from one of my favourite movies … and a simple lesson too. Turn right to go left! The best part is that it works. Or as my Grandpa used to say … Bohoti kaali na paao, … Continue reading

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Like What You Dont?

Bear with me while I try to explain why the title of this blog post is what it is. Well, the other day, Hardy was going on about something on these lines. If you have grown up in northern India, … Continue reading

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Animated Biography of Rumi

Heres an excellent movie, animated, a biography of the great Saint, Maulana Rumi. The story is well told, and the music brilliant. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!

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The Purpose of Education

These guys were discussing some rather heavy questions. On an empty stomach. One wonders how they could. But they were busy discussing a rather weighty question, and that too quite loudly. They seemed to have a difference in opinion about … Continue reading

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Big Brother

The term big brother is usually used to denote someone acting bossy with you. Well, Laurel was telling this story about big brother. At the bus station was a woman who was scolding her son. Younger son, to be precise. … Continue reading

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