9-Minute Nonsense Blog

Welcome to the 9-minute nonsense blog. We can hear you saying there’s plenty of that around, but please of hold on … There’s nothing which is 9 minutes. Why 9 minutes? That’s because anything shorter is more in the category of a quickie (aka tweet), and anything longer is almost guaranteed to be a drag. Besides, would have time to read it anyway?

So what is this nonsense blog about? These are the random musings of two guys on the way to work and back. Well, sometimes between the two of them they have more than 5 opinions on a particular subject, but since they always maintain there’s only two of them, we don’t really suspect them of schizophrenia, and take their word for it.

Well, some of these are outright nonsensical, some not obviously so. This blog is just meant to follow their reflections.

So, who are these guys? Does that matter, really? These are two regular blokes, slightly crazy like the rest of us, but maybe more prone to displaying their craziness. After all, these guys are capable of jumping from talking about the arrow of time to a place they call Moongphali Bar (which, believe it or not, is actually a bar … told you these guys are only slightly insane) and back to the concept of time and entropy. For want of better names, lets just call one Laurel and the other Hardy. Any resemblance is coincidental, of course.

So watch this space … There’s some coming on a number of different things.

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