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Religion & Science

Not many would have missed this news about Pope Francis declaring evolution and the Big Bang to be true. We have been discussing this for some time now, before we came around to posting our thoughts here. To begin with, … Continue reading

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Of Consciousness

The other day, these guys were discussing the topic of consciousness. Out of the jumble of sounds (that’s usually what their discussion sounds like … unintelligible sounds), emerged a discussion about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between consciousness … Continue reading

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Zakat and Sadka

Laurel was explaining the other day the difference between two of the cornerstones of Islam, Zakat and Sadka. According to him, as both of them are about giving to those who need, sometimes there can be confusion about the purpose … Continue reading

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Happy Vaisakhi

The first day of the month of Vaisakh (the first month of the Hindu new year) is a special day. The day is celebrated in different parts of India in different ways. This is a day of special significance in … Continue reading

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Happy Holi

Holi is the wonderful festival of colour, celebrated all over India in different and colourful ways. The festival of Holi has a number of legends attached to it. Here are some. When the demon king Hiranyakashyap wanted to kill his … Continue reading

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Maha Shivratri

Yesterday was Maha Shivratri. Maha Shivratri is a very auspicious festival for Hindus. Translated, Maha Shivratri means the Great Night of Lord Shiva. Lets take a step back … In Hinduism, the Trinity comprises of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Lord … Continue reading

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Animated Biography of Rumi

Heres an excellent movie, animated, a biography of the great Saint, Maulana Rumi. The story is well told, and the music brilliant. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!

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