Colours and Thoughts

Discussing colours (which my phone keeps changing to cookout) is what these guys were doing. How they got there is a different story altogether. After all, what is the connect between breakfast and colours? Well, these guys built one, though I still don’t know how.

The question Laurel wants to ask is whether the connection of pink with girls and blue with boys is something which is ingrained into children, and so is acquired, or whether there is an inherent link between the two. Hardy was of the opinion that if it’s acquired, then it must happen quite early in infancy because at a young age, children start displaying their inclination to these colours.

That said, colours do impact is in some ways. For instance, human beings find green soothing, because we (don’t know if I should include these guys in this plural pronoun) human beings have evolved in or around forests, which means that there is an evolutionary link with the green colour and it’s soothing effect. Similarly, there are some colours which will make you feel lighter, while others which speak of elegance, while still others bring out simplicity. So, colours play on the human psychology. For example, if you are feeling happy, you will like gay colours.

That said, there is also a cultural dimension to this. The western world, for instance, sees red as a warning, while in Asia, red is seen as an auspicious colour. This can be seen in Indian and Chinese culture, as well as in most part of Asia. Similarly, to the western world, white denotes purity, while to Hindus, it is the colour of widows.

So colours are not as simple as they seem, but they add quite a bit of colour to our lives.

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2 Responses to Colours and Thoughts

  1. Zameer says:

    Talking of colors, this little one’s rant says it all 🙂

    We could bring in the cultural/psycological aspect into our perspection of color, but this one I tell you, is just aquired and intentionally induced, perhaps thats what the history says it too
    which I totally buy.


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