Questions or Why to Ask Them

When most folks ask questions, these guys talk about them. What do I mean? Just that the other day I heard Laurel & Hardy talking about questions. Ask them, answer them, and go on … Why would anyone discuss questions? Or rather, I should say, why to ask questions.

According to them, and they seem to agree, questions are important. Very important to ask if you would learn new things. After all, if you didn’t ask questions, how would you learn what you don’t know!

Of course, there are different types of questions. We all used to curse the guys who ask questions to the teachers when the class was coming to an end, and we were all fidgeting to go. I know folks whoso darts practice with pictures of those guys. These were usually questions for buttering the teacher.

Then, there are questions to clarify things. The teacher tells you something, and you don’t quite understand it, so you ask questions.

And then, there are the questions which can change the world. In fact, sometimes, it’s not as important to know the right answers as to know the right questions to ask. After all, if you don’t know the right questions, you definitely won’t get the right answers. Laurel believes that’s all bunkum, for after all, you get scores in exams based on the answers you give, to which Hardy says that if one tried to write questions instead of answers, one would probably find it more difficult to do. Seems like he’s done that. Looks nerdy enough if you ask me!

Then he goes on to say that Einstein didn’t know the answers. He didn’t know what the answers to the baffling questions of science were, but he asked the right questions, and these questions are very simple questions, but that we don’t think about these simple things. So he asked the right questions, and then started looking the answers to these questions, and just went to where these answers took him, and we know where that was.

After all, the answers you get depend on the questions you ask, as you can see from the video here.

There is a saying … Even the biggest of fools ask questions which the wisest of men cannot answer.

So, ask the right questions, and you don’t know how amazed you might be by the answers you get.

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11 Responses to Questions or Why to Ask Them

  1. Atul says:

    I suppose you are right. We often tend to emphasize answers (which are very important, definitely), but we cant get these answers unless we ask questions to seek the truth.


  2. 9minnon says:

    Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.
    – Voltaire
    The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.
    – Claude Levi Strauss


  3. Zameer says:

    I look at this from the other side.

    We do have a lot of questions and children keep asking them, every child does, that’s how we’ve evolved. But the bigger problem is how WE as elders accept, appreciate and answer them. I feel the real problem is there !

    I see many questions simply rejected, unheard, ignored, or at the max a closed ended answer provided, that doesn’t take the question further. This is not doing justice to the question. So it’s more important to recognize and respond aptly to the questions for today’s parents.


    • 9minnon says:

      Agree with you. More often than not it’s because we probably don’t know the answers ourselves, which is a reflection on out understanding, or we feel the question is too trivial. We need to understand that no question is trivial … A question is asked because something isn’t understood, and that something may be the missing link preventing the child from completing the picture.


      • Zameer says:

        Right said.

        I still remember how patient my Dad was for all those annoying questions of mine, which even irritates my mom, but my Dad answered all of them, with a small space for another question at the end of all the answer he gave.
        I was gifted with such a Dad, but I wonder how many are.

        The point is, Its our responsibility to answer, which doesnt stop with just that answer but that answer has to take the earlier question forward to the next one.


      • 9minnon says:

        Appreciate that. 🙂 It is through these that children are able to peel onion, so to say.


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