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Traveller & Tourist

What’s the difference between these two? To many of us, these two are synonymous, but are they really? These two folks don’t seem to think so. And surprisingly, for once, they seem to agree. A tourist, according to these guys, … Continue reading

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History Of English

Here’s a nice video summarizing the history of the English language. This starts from the beginning, and explores how folks from outside England, like the Anglo-Saxons, the Latin-speaking Christians, the Vikings, and the Normans brought a plethora of words which … Continue reading

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Teaching Maths

These guys like to talk about maths. Not that they know much about it, but that doesnt stop one from pretending to know, does it? You would know quite a few people like that. So the other day, these guys … Continue reading

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There are many a times when we become stuck with stereotypes. Hardy was telling one such story of when he fell for a stereotype. It seems he had gone out for dinner to a Pakistani restaurant. Needless to say, most … Continue reading

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