Of Evolution

Overheard (at the bus stop) these two nuts discussing … evolution! I mean, who does that, before breakfast, that is. I guess Laurel & Hardy do.

The question is, why is it that different societies all over the world have developed similar ideas about ethics? Could it have been a case of osmosis, of ideas traveling from one civilization to another? Sounds a bit far-fetched given that there seems to be no reason for ideas from outside being adopted by any society on such a large scale.

So does that mean that, maybe in parallel to Darwinian evolution, there is some sort of social and ethical evolution that has been taking place? Surely, Darwinian evolution doesn’t talk much about the ethical or social aspects of evolution.

The Darwinian concept of evolution could be seen as a framework in addition to being a theory, which describes a process of development to ever-higher levels of development, whether at genetic, or social, or ethical levels, this process of development being called evolution. If that be the case, then there is reason to believe that there are more, subtler levels of evolution which not only have governed biological as well as subtler levels of evolution, but can also be seen at play today. After all, cross-pollination of ideas across societies have helped whole civilizations to grow, and this may also be seen to be an evolutionary process.

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9 Responses to Of Evolution

  1. Atul says:

    Makes sense. There has to be levels of evolution which are more subtle, and which probably work at the level of the individual as well as at the level of society.


  2. zameer says:

    Right you are, but let me play a devil’s advocate here,
    we believe evolution is always one sided and marching towards what we relate to as “Good” or “destination intended”, need not be so ?


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  4. koomikko says:

    I trust that the messieurs Laurel and Hardy are familiar with a term Meme at least from the context of funny pictures going around the internet. Meme was actually coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins already as early as in mid 70s in his famous book The Selfish Gene. There he made a comparison of thoughts, ideas and ideologies with genes and DNA. Similarities being transferability, mutations or changes, spreading from one being to another and overall incremental evolution of these man made beliefs and elements of culture.


    • 9minnon says:

      Thank you, Mikko. This sounds pretty much like what they were talking about. So if there’s a mental evolution, can we also extend this to a spiritual evolution on similar lines?


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