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Kudos To A Life …

A life well lived … a life lived in a way that when the man died, the word that most of the people knew him were using was generous. The Sardar of English literature passed away a few days back. … Continue reading

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A Rafi Medley

On a Sunday afternoon, to get you saunter down memory lane, heres some of the favourite songs from yesteryears, by one of the favourite singers of those days … Mohammed Rafi. When one thinks of Mohammed Rafi, can one help … Continue reading

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Turn Right To Go Left

Heres a dirt-racing lesson from one of my favourite movies … and a simple lesson too. Turn right to go left! The best part is that it works. Or as my Grandpa used to say … Bohoti kaali na paao, … Continue reading

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Animated Biography of Rumi

Heres an excellent movie, animated, a biography of the great Saint, Maulana Rumi. The story is well told, and the music brilliant. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!

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This morning, Hardy was going on about stereotypes, and how they tend to create a popular perception, which sort of tend to colour our opinions. He was talking about a joke from Facebook. Laurel, being a movies person, chimed in. … Continue reading

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A Legend – A Little Tribute

At first I thought the title of this post should be “The End of a Legend”, but then legends never ends. Like the grand old man of Indian music, a legendary singer, who left the world today, but whose legend … Continue reading

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Roles and Actors

So who is a good actor? Someone who can play the role well is indeed a good actor. And then, there are folks who, when they play a role, make it seem as though the role was written for them. … Continue reading

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