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Inherent Bias

Is bias towards the “other” inherent in a community, or is it something which is built from the outside in? This is something we were discussing this Sunday. While our Sunday random jaunt did take us to some places across … Continue reading

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Science & Religion

Continuing from this post, is another aspect which usually doesnt get highlighted in this science vs religion debate (which, by the way, we unanimously believe, are not two different worldviews, but rather, two aspects of the same worldview), is that … Continue reading

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Religion & Science

Not many would have missed this news about Pope Francis declaring evolution and the Big Bang to be true. We have been discussing this for some time now, before we came around to posting our thoughts here. To begin with, … Continue reading

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Traveller & Tourist

What’s the difference between these two? To many of us, these two are synonymous, but are they really? These two folks don’t seem to think so. And surprisingly, for once, they seem to agree. A tourist, according to these guys, … Continue reading

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Black Holes & Quantum Gravity

An eminently quotable quote, the principle for which I have applied here is … “Always get rid of the difficult bit in the title – it does less harm there than in the text” – Sir Humphrey Appleby Now that … Continue reading

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Misperceptions About Islam/An Interview with Reza Aslan

These guys were discussing something quite passionately, so it wasnt quite difficult to figure out what they were talking about. This was an interview with Reza Aslan where he talks about misperceptions about Islam. I asked them for the link, … Continue reading

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