Along Changi Road

Two weeks in a row … The first one was a bus ride from Bedok, the next one was getting off the MRT at Kambangan, and a short walk takes you to Changi Road. Here you will find a number of single-storied shops, and varied dining options.

The first sight that greets you is the mosque. The mosque has a rather unusual minaret, and a wonderful peace about it, as you can see here.

Exploring the streets near the mosque one can see some traditional restaurants, like the one you see here …
Or some unusual ones like this halal sushi … Actually, nothing unusual about this, except that we hadn’t seen one before.
Or this place where we needed to take some time to figure out that the name is not that of the empress.


And then you see the iconic Indian brand making its presence felt.

Then there’s this restaurant, with the Chinese Muslim food,not something you would find everywhere.

Along the road, you would come across this, though looking at the Stella Artois board, one wonders what fresh fruits they are experimenting on.

Here’s a view of the market, with the hawker centre right at the corner.

And the hawker centre is where we had our Dutch conversation.

And here’s what you’re could gorge upon here.

Farther down the road you would see this specialty from Singapore.

Farther along the road, you see this lovely mosque, the minaret calling the faithful.

And from here, a short bus ride takes us to Little India.

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