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Religion & Science

Not many would have missed this news about Pope Francis declaring evolution and the Big Bang to be true. We have been discussing this for some time now, before we came around to posting our thoughts here. To begin with, … Continue reading

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History Of English

Here’s a nice video summarizing the history of the English language. This starts from the beginning, and explores how folks from outside England, like the Anglo-Saxons, the Latin-speaking Christians, the Vikings, and the Normans brought a plethora of words which … Continue reading

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Of Consciousness

The other day, these guys were discussing the topic of consciousness. Out of the jumble of sounds (that’s usually what their discussion sounds like … unintelligible sounds), emerged a discussion about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between consciousness … Continue reading

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Of Evolution

Overheard (at the bus stop) these two nuts discussing … evolution! I mean, who does that, before breakfast, that is. I guess Laurel & Hardy do. The question is, why is it that different societies all over the world have … Continue reading

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