The Ethos Of Lahore

These guys were talking about this video which is about Lahore. In this video, noted journalist Mubasher Lucman talks about Lahore.

Lahore is one of the oldest cities in South Asia, with a history which spans more than 4000 years, starting from its founding by Lord Rama’s elder son, Lav. Lord Rama’s younger son, Kush, founded the nearby city of Kasur.

Interestingly, one of the oldest dramas in the world, Abhijnan Shakuntalam, written by the great Kalidas, was first performed in this city of culture.

Lahore indeed has a venerable history, a city which has been the heart of culture and tradition, a city which represented the pinnacle of culture, music, poetry, literature. The city where the arts flowered and flourished, a city which names among her sons and daughters, some of the leading cultural and musical luminaries across history. And this culture, tradition, isnt about India or Pakistan, this is the tradition, the culture which is the shared heritage of two nations.

Today, however, this ethos of Lahore seems to be getting destroyed. Lahoriyas today dont look at Lahore as they used to. Lahore is no longer the heart of culture in the Indian subcontinent that it used to be, and Mubasher Lucman is asking where this ethos has gone, where those Lahoriyas have gone who brought Lahore to the heights it once had.

Not for nothing is it said that …

Jiney Lahore nahin vekkheya, o jammeya hi nahin!

Or, as the Lahoriyas say …

Lahore Lahore aey!

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