Two Songs

Continuing on the theme of repackaging tradition, these guys were talking about two songs. Actually, one song, sung in two different ways, separated by more than 30 years. An iconic song, this song is a celebration of a movement.

This is the song as it was sung back then


And this, the song from 2012


The song remains the same, Led Zeppelin played a few decades ago, and so true it is. The music still has all the vitality, and maybe more, and it still represents a movement which has empowered women and brought prosperity, at the same time redefining the agri-products business in India. A movement called Amul.

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7 Responses to Two Songs

  1. Atul says:

    Preeti Sagar sang the original … haunting.


  2. Atul says:

    but one thing which we are missing is that Amul shows how, with the right purpose, the power of the people can be consolidated to create a vast business empire, which can in turn help the people who contribute to it in the first place.


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