This morning, Hardy was going on about stereotypes, and how they tend to create a popular perception, which sort of tend to colour our opinions. He was talking about a joke from Facebook. Laurel, being a movies person, chimed in. Some of the examples he gave seemed rather interesting.

To begin with, why are bad guys English? They are seen, more and more, speaking with an English accent. Whether it be Alfred Molina playing Doc Oc in Spider-Man or Benedict Cumberbatch playing the bad guy in Star Trek, or the Sir Miles Axelrod in Cars 2, where the bad guys were British or German.

Another interesting observation … The bad guy in the recent Star Trek release was named Khan Noonien Singh. Really? An unbelievably evil genius named Khan Singh?

Nothing against these characters, except that they tend to either create or reinforce stereotypes, which are a hindrance in creating greater understanding between communities, which is the need of the hour.

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6 Responses to Stereotypes

  1. Zameer says:

    Haha so true.

    We could make out who the US is up against at that time figuring out the Nationality of the villan in Jamesbond movies,
    It was Russians, then Europeans, Then Arabs followed by Chinese lately and now back to square one, The Russians again ! lol


  2. Zameer says:

    If you look closely at any big action flick from hollywood, You would never miss this scene in any of them,
    A black (not being a rascist here), ends up throwing up his life to support the Hero’s cause to save the world.
    but now I dont miss seeing a Chinese/Asian go gives the “know how” to fight the evil.

    hmm… Does that ring a bell !


  3. Atul says:

    I suppose stereotypes are a part of the human psyche … they are probably a way of distinguishing one group from the other.


    • Zameer says:

      It is in our human nature and evolution that we need a bad guy always to know what is good, atleast to satisfy our ego to be “so called” good.

      and we try hard to pick our villans, as they tend to show how powerful we are !

      Well, Did talk about the superpower and its middle east encounters here ? No i didnt… LOL


      • 9minnon says:

        You are right. That’s probably part of the fundamental nature of creation that we need to see darkness to appreciate light. The thing is, the ideas of good and bad aren’t all universal. Some things are black and white, and some aren’t …


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