The Genders

The other day, these guys were discussing (no marks for guessing) women. The bus was particularly crowded, and i suppose they realized folks were listening to their inane talk, so they lowered their volume, but enough to be still heard in a 10 mile radius. But no, they were discussing the gender roles in today’s society. Not really in the normal sense, but a little different, as you would expect from a set of crazy guys.

Started with Laurel saying that women are far more deep-thinking than men are, and that women are able to think much farther than men do. To which, Hardy replies its evolutionary. Evolution?! He goes on to explain that at the dawn of civilization, men were more then hunters gatherers, and with the advent of agriculture, men were required more in the fields. This was because these activities required more physical strength, and hence, men were more suited to doing these. The women on the other hand were required to manage the household, which required lot more, and different form of, thinking than the work men did.

In today’s world, though, the importance of physical strength has diminished to a large extent, so the dominance men had in society (its a man’s world, they say, though there is also the school of thought that this is the biggest myth perpetrated on mankind), which was a function of the requirement for physical strength to get things done, has diminished too. We are living in an age where the gender balances are shifting, but not necessarily mental attitudes.

Heres a clip from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

You get the picture, dont you?

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