A Rafi Medley

On a Sunday afternoon, to get you saunter down memory lane, heres some of the favourite songs from yesteryears, by one of the favourite singers of those days … Mohammed Rafi.

When one thinks of Mohammed Rafi, can one help thinking of the class of Dev Anand? And when this magical duo is talked about, how can of course the magic of S. D. Burman be not part of the picture?

And then, of course, one definitely does think about the genius of Guru Dutt, and the versatility of the movies he made. Heres a song from the romantic comedy Mr. and Mrs. 55.

And of course when one talks about Guru Dutt, how can one not think of a film as brilliant as Pyaasa, which was said to be among the top 100 films of all time in 2005 by Time magazine.

And on the topic of the world, heres another one from Heer Ranjha, starring the inimitable Raj Kapoor.

And while talking about Guru Dutt, one cannot but talk about this romantic classic … One, to my mind, THE ode to woman.

And when talking about romance, of course theres the magic of Bharat Bhushan in Barsaat ki Raat, which, I feel, could be the inspiration for the song from the film Anurodh, starring none other than Rajesh Khanna. Especially … Aag paani mein lagaate hue haalaat ki raat!

And of course theres the all-time favourite, the classic featuring the dash of Sunil Dutt.

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