The Genders — Contrarian

These guys were going at each other today. Actually, there was no need to eavesdrop. They were so loud, the deaf could hear them. They had apparently read the post about gender from a few days back. And they were talking about why societal mindset about genders hasnt changed much though the roles men and women play in society has changed quite a bit. I mean, women still have to, at least in large parts of the world, are expected to look after the children, cook and look after the household, while at the same time manage a career.

Laurel was of the opinion that this has more to do with the way people are brought up. When the grown-ups today were children, societal mindset was more on lines of women looking after the household, and men working. The parents of the grown-ups today had this mindset, so they gave it to their children too. In other words, the boys a few decades back were not taught to cook and clean, while the girls were expected to grow up and look after the household. This means that when the children of today grow up, they would have a different mindset towards these things, because they would have grown up in a society where women work. And since the young mothers of today are managing both career and household, they would, or so Laurel’s reasoning goes, teach their sons and daughters to share their work within the household when they grow up.

Hardy, on the other hand, believes that this isnt so. That the tuning of the mind which has happened over centuries isnt going to go away so easily. Which is why, or so he says, women still like doors to be opened for them, chairs to be pulled. He even had this picture to share.

Love Is

With the logic that men are still expected to do things for the woman they love, to sort of “give them the stars and the moon”, though he did concede that if a man loves a woman he would probably want to do that, but the point he was making was about the expectation.

So which side would you weigh in on?

They did though seem to agree on one thing …

The battle of the sexes will never be won; theres just too much fraternizing with the enemy.

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