Kala Doriya

For all my Punjabi friends from around the world, this should be a throw-back to Grandma, as it is for me. These are ladies who would be contemporaries to elderly folks nearing the century mark, if not more.

Some of the words, though, are worth listening to. These ladies were fiesty, as you will see from these words. Just dont go by their harmless looks.

Kukkadi o laeni, jedi kud-kud kardi hai; saure nahin jana, sas bud-bud kardi hai.

(I want a hen which cackles, and i dont want to go to my in-laws’ house, because my mother-in-law is grumbling all the time)

Kukkadi o laeni, jedi aandey dendi hai; saura di jhidkaan meri jutti sehendi hai.

(I want a hen which gives eggs, and by the way, my father-in-law’s scolding? My foot!)

Sun lai gal kithe bhabbo meri ne; ja ke puttar de kann bhare haneri ne.

(If my mother-in-law hears me saying these things, the nasty whirlwind will go and tattle all to her son)

Rather colourful allusions to the mother-in-law, dont you think? Especially interested in the opinion of the ladies out there.

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