Getting Around

Lao Tzu said: A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.

With this description, we could be somewhat of good travellers, albeit weekend ones. You would have read in this post about our wanderings around Singapore, and would have seen how random buses taken from random bus stops more often than not, take one to Geylang. One wonders why, and the mind boggles. The route we got the other day, though, was quite a different one, and took us to different parts of the city.

Many a times, on bus rides, we have seen this mosque, thinking maybe someday we should get off the bus, and get off the bus, on a sunny Sunday afternoon is what we did. What brought our attention to the mosque was this wonderful quote pasted there, for all to read and comprehend.

And here is the mosque, in the backdrop of the blue sky on a sunny afternoon.

The next bus ride took us to Serangoon, where we walked around NEXX mall, and came across this somewhat crazy advertisement.

From Serangoon, we took a bus which took us to Ang Mo Kio, for something to drink at the hawker centre, where we saw this, the first letter of the Urdu alphabet.

Walking around, we reached the Pathlight School, which is dedicated to children with autism, and is celebrating the 10th birthday. This is being celebrated, in part, through these wonderful pictures, an inspiration to a wonderful cause.



And a few minutes later, we were treated by Nature to the beautiful sight, the clouds forming a beach to the sea of sunshine.


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