All Roads Lead To …

If one were to go by what Hardy says, that would be Geylang. Right! So I know the pictures that conjures up, but there’s apparently a story behind that.

Apparently, Hardy is in the habit of random walkabouts on weekends. The modus operandi is simple. Hop onto the first bus that comes your way, and get off at any bus stop that catches the eye. Explore the locality. Repeat! This apparently isn’t a well- settled habit, but a recently acquired one.

So, on one of these jaunts, our friend takes a bus which takes him to Joo Chiat Pl. Walking around there, one can see some nice shops and restaurants. A short walk brings one to a bus stop, which has only one bus coming. Well, Hardy took this bus, and found himself at Kambangan MRT station. A short MRT ride took him to Lavendar, a place he had never been to. Having satisfied his curiosity, he then took a bus which took him someplace with a number of shops. Well, he got off the bus there, and found himself close to the Kallang MRT. A nice walk around the river, and he decided to explore the shops. A short walk, and he reaches Geylang.

The other day, it seems he took a bus to Tampines (following the rule of boarding the first bus that comes along). A bus ride from Tampines (following the logic of boarding the bus with the shortest queue) took him to picturesque East Coast Road. A short walk from there is Marine Parade Road. Having walked along Marine Parade Road, and reaching a bus stop, he takes a bus (following the first bus to come logic) and where does he find himself?

No prizes for guessing.

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3 Responses to All Roads Lead To …

  1. akzamy says:

    Sounds intentional to me though !


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