Sunday Walkabout

On our habit of random walking about on Sunday, and we find that sometimes we are taken to parts of the city which hold treasures for the traveller. Some such treasures were found on one such Sunday.

A short bus ride took us to East Coast Road, a part of the city which has much to walk about. This row of houses, which almost looks out of a fairy tale was the first thing we saw, just across the road from the bus stop, almost a rainbow.

IMG_3466A short walk from here takes you to the shopping part of the stretch of road, where, from a nearby church, the bells could be heard chiming, a sound magnifique! And there, one comes across this landmark of the city, known for the food there, as well as the facade.

IMG_3467The shops on this stretch of road present an old-world look, and charm of the past cannot be missed. Take a look at this pillar, for instance, which, in addition to announcing antiques, seems to be adding one to them, the tiles telling stories of a different era.

IMG_3460Or this corner store, which today houses a 7-11, but presents a picture of many days gone by.

IMG_3461A short walk from here, and one reaches another landmark, one of the popular hotels in Singapore. The shuttered windows, the architecture, the doors on level 2, all present a picture of another day.

IMG_3465The shops on this stretch of the road present a medley of colours, and while the contents of the shops, and the interiors have changed over the years, the impressions of the past are well-maintained here. No two shops here are painted the same colour.

IMG_3468A short walk down, one comes across this restaurant …

IMG_3470… and one wonders, how can anyone eat such cute things.

And this is where we got onto another bus, and while on the way to somewhere (we didnt really know where we would get off the bus), we decided it was time to head to our usual place, Little India. Along the walk we took in Little India, came this pub with an impressive name, and the equally impressive building, though we didnt venture inside.

IMG_3472And then, on to our little rendezvous with Mr. Guinness.


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