Strangers In A Strange City

Laurel and Hardy were talking about travel the other day. To cut a long story short (and if you would really like to suffer the discussion, you would get to read about it some other day), this was about some usual set of folks you would come across on a given day. Only, this was a set of strangers, in a strange city. Guess humanity is the same wherever you go.

So this guy was in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Being one of those who likes to walk around a city he goes to, Hardy soon found himself at a Khmer eatery somewhere close to the famed Pub Street. There, apart from being asked by about half a dozen guys whether he would be interested in ladies (ok, that’s a separate discussion altogether), he came across a set of characters a bit out of the ordinary, yet your regular everyday guys.

There was a middle-aged English gentleman who was having a somewhat animated discussion with the waitress. The discussion lasted only about a few minutes but ended with the waitress walking off and calling the owner of the restaurant. The gentleman repeated what he had been saying to the waitress so far, which she was apparently not able to follow, and which was …

Can I have a glass of water?

Turning the other way he saw another English gentleman (from his accent) who was almost a spitting image of Sir David Niven … down to the moustache. He was sporting a t-shirt which read … No tuk-tuk today and tomorrow. And from the look of it, he meant it. For he walked out of he restaurant straight to his bicycle. That was a sight … Someone in shorts and t-shirt, looking like Sir David Niven, sweating it out on a bicycle in Cambodia.

Whether these folks or the one-eyed girl with the lovely smile, he came across a number of folks from a number of countries, all in the space of two streets. His next destination was the street next door called Pub Street. There he came across two Japanese guys having a discussion about something between mouthfuls of rice. They were so animated they seemed to be talking more with heir hands than their mouths. He didn’t follow what, but he claims to know the difference between Japanese and Chinese but knowing his level of intellect I wouldn’t think so. He hen came across a bunch of girls staring at a fishing rod sitting in the restaurant. It was only a few minutes and plenty of unbelieving staring later that he realized that they were indeed looking at the other end of a stick looking like a fishing rod but designed to hold a phone which lets one take selfies from a distance so they don’t actually look like selfies, but more like pictures taken by someone else.

Just ordinary folks …

Guess the ordinary lives of people have something extraordinary about them, if we just look.

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