A Song About …

Heres a Punjabi classic which is another nice example of how some of the pearls of our heritage can be re-presented in a new age. This is the song called Kamlee.

Kamlee comes from from the great Saint Baba Bulle Shah. The part about Lahore is written by Prof. Mohan Singh, the father of modern Punjabi poetry.

The song starts with the poet asking questions about Lahore, and the listener (the poet again) answering these questions. The gist of these questions is that love conquers all.

Here you will see the a rendition of thie song by late Jagmohan Kaur … a traditional way of presenting the song.

And this one is from Coke Studio, with Hadiqa Kiani singing this one. Here the song is presented in a contemporary way, with a blending of Punjabi folk and rock elements.

Its easy to see hot this would appeal with a younger audience, and help to sustain tradition. Presentation changes to meet the tastes of a new generation, but the essence, the feelings of the words remains the same.

Coke Studio (Pakistan) are doing a good job of bringing a lot of the traditional Punjabi songs to an audience which had probably not heard of these, and in this way, the children of today (and some old folks too) are learning a lot about their own culture, their own tradition.

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