Big Brother

The term big brother is usually used to denote someone acting bossy with you. Well, Laurel was telling this story about big brother. At the bus station was a woman who was scolding her son. Younger son, to be precise. Must have been 2 years old. Well he was getting his ear boxed and a couple which showed Mom was in good form. Her follow-through, in cricketing terms, was quite good. One doesn’t know the reason, but here was big boy who, with the scolding et al broke into tears. Crying loudly is what Laurel said.

At this point, Mom left him there, took big brother’s hand and started walking away. At this our big boy started crying even more. Big brother, all of 5 years, didn’t like it. And he wasn’t going to stand for it either. Well, he went back, put one arm around little brother, trying to comfort him. And then, he just patted him and took him along to join Mom. His expression was one that said that I’m here, so you don’t need to cry.

That’s children! Can’t adults be as loving, caring?

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2 Responses to Big Brother

  1. Zameer says:

    I wish,
    The more the age, the lesser the innocence ! cant help


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