Differently Abled

Hardy was talking the other day about a young man he has met a couple of times. So why was he talking about this guy?

This guy, and Hardy doesn’t know his name (idiot, didn’t I tell you?) is to be found usually at the station where he collects funds on behalf or an organization which works with differently abled people. Again, nothing unusual. Except that he cannot talk “properly”, cannot use his hands like “normal” people can, and can’t walk “normally”.

But, according to Hardy, when he approaches you, he does so with an open smile and a simple faith, and the belief that people are good. And if you just smile at him, his eyes light up, and the smile broadens. He freely reciprocates open-hearted affection, and gives it too in abundance.

In short, he has a way of making someone smile.

Differently abled, indeed!

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5 Responses to Differently Abled

  1. Zameer says:

    Good one Atul.
    Thanks for showing that good people still are amongst us, though hard to find 🙂


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