Tradition Re-Presented

Continuing on the topic of repackaging tradition, heres a song which has been sung and sung again, and again across the centuries. A very popular song with a profound message, this is a poem by the great saint Baba Bulle Shah.

Bulle Shah was a great saint of the Sufi tradition, a disciple of Shah Inayat. Theres a description of the saint’s life at this blog.

Like most Sufis of his time, Baba Bulle Shah sang his poetry in the Kafi style which is the classical style of Sufi poetry originating from Punjab and Sindh.

This rendition by the Wadali Brothers … The Wadali brothers, Puranchand and Pyarelal Wadali, who hail from the village of Guru ki Wadali near Amritsar. The elder brother, Puranchand, while being a regular at wrestling bouts, learnt music from legends of the Patialia gharana, Pandit Durga Das and Ustad Badey Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab. The younger brother, Pyarelal, learnt music from his elder brother.


And this one by Rabbi Shergill


And this one by Junoon ….


Three different, equally beautiful ways to bring the profound message across. In this way, the message of the saint is preserved, packaged, and presented to yet another generation, yet another audience for their spiritual upliftment.

Bulleya, I found who I am!

I am not one of the believers in the mosque, Nor am I in the rituals of the infidels, Nor am I the pure among the impure!

I am not in the Vedas or the Holy books, Nor in hemp or alcohol, Nor am I lost, or corrupt!

Neither am I union with the beloved, nor am I sorrow, I am not in the pure or the impure, I am not of water or of dust, Nor am I fire nor air!

Neither am I Arab, nor Lahori, Nor am I from Hind, or from Nagaur, Nor Hindu, Turk, or Peshawari!

I didnt create any difference based on religion, Not of Adam or Eve am I born, Nor am I the name I assumed!

Known myself as the first and the last, None have I known separate from me, None that are wiser than me!

Neither am I Moses, nor the Pharaoh, I am neither awake, nor asleep, Neither the fire nor the wind am I, I am neither sitting nor travelling!

Bulleya, I found who I am!

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