Trend of Smartness?

These guys think they are quite smart. Hah! Wonder if they know what their kids think about them? After all, kids do mostly think, at least the boys do, as they come into teenage, that dads dont know anything. Well, this was something they were discussing the other day.

Gone are the days when we used to think (when we were growing up) that the elders know all, and that we need to learn a lot from our elders. True, we need to learn a lot from our elders in terms of life-skills and life-experiences, in terms of philosophy, and a broad understanding of life, but when it comes to the world, kids seem to know all. Or so these guys seem to agree. They were even heard saying … Kids these days, i tell you! Wonder if kids feel something like … Parents these days, i tell you!

Well, we seem to be at a stage where the smartness curve seems to be going up. Let me explain what i gathered. When we were children, the games we used to play werent significantly different from what our fathers used to play when they were children, but theres a marked difference between children then and children now. And the children of today are far more adept at using technology, they are comfortable with technology, unlike us, who have lived without telephones, or television. Contrast that with children today, and you will get the drift. The children today are definitely much smarter, and this probably also is an aspect of evolution that these guys were talking about the other day.

But heres the twist in the tale which these guys brought up. Does this mean that this is a process which is uni-directional? In other words, is this process meant to go on an upward trajectory forever? Or, are there phases of advance and decline? Right now, the curve, according to these guys, seems to be a parabola going up, which seems like its going to go up all the time. But remember, and infinitesimally small part of a circle looks like a straight line, and an infinitesimally small part of a sine curve might look like a parabola, going up or down, depending on which part of the sine curve you are looking at.

Hmm … Food for thought?

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8 Responses to Trend of Smartness?

  1. Zameer says:

    Depends on what the ‘smartness’ defined here,
    If Using technology/video games is smartness on the rise…. Hmmm I have my doubts.


    • 9minnon says:

      It’s not just that. The kids today are far more aware of the world around them. Technology is only one aspect of that, and as an enabler, is making huge changes in the way children know about their surroundings compared to when we old people were kids.


      • Zameer says:

        Exactly, that’s the myth.

        We are far more aware of other worlds and far off knowledge that our near surroundings.
        We now what how rockets fly but don’t know to make our kite.


      • 9minnon says:

        Today kids may know more about robots than kites. But think abt the time when kites were invented. People then were probably saying that kids today know how to fly kites but not how to do some other things.


  2. Zameer says:

    Exactly, that’s the myth.

    We are far more aware of other worlds and far off knowledge than our near surroundings.
    We know what how rockets fly but don’t know to make our kite.


  3. akzamy says:

    thats not my point, but getting aware of simple things around us and there by learning the big things.

    am not sure really how many have checked this out, one of the best sites i have seen, so much knowledge yet simple not ipadish education 😉


    • Atul says:

      Dont quite agree. Even though we were more aware about the simple things around us, fact is, we didnt know anything about agriculture and plants, or how to put up a tent. These are far more important in certain scenarios. Finally, kids will be aware of their environment, whatever that is.

      Nice site.


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