No Need To Talk

These guys were laughing away on the bus today. Got me thinking why. Ordinarily, I would have thought what’s wrong with these guys, but our friends seem to be a bit crazy, how they say, a bit soft in the head, so there wasn’t any particular need to think on those lines. Anyway, got to hear them talking (the whole bus could), and here’s a nice story Hardy was telling Laurel.

One day, Mulla Nasruddin, being a distinguished person, was invited by folks to give a talk. Well, Mulla ji liked the idea, so he went and got onto the stage punctually. He started his talk by asking the people who were gathered whether they knew what he was talking about. They obviously replied in the negative. To this, Mulla ji said, “I have no interest in talking to people who have no idea what I am talking about,” and got off the stage and walked off.

The people were dismayed, and called Mulla Nasruddin again the next day. This time, up on the stage, Mulla ji again asked them whether they knew what he was talking about, and to avoid the scenario from the day before, they replied in the affirmative. To this, the Mulla ji said, ” That’s great. When you already know what I am going to talk about, what’s the point of me talking?” With this, he walked off.

Now, folks got a bit upset, but nevertheless invited him again the next day. Again, the Mulla ji asked the same question. This time the people had planned well, and half of them replied yes, and the other half replied no. “Good,” the Mulla ji said, “why don’t the people who know what I am going to talk about tell those who don’t know, what I am going to talk about,” and he walked off the stage.

Profound story, says Laurel. Indeed it is. No point talking in front of folks who are anyway not going to agree with you, and no need talking in front of folks who anyway agree with you.

Mulla Nasruddin’s wisdom shone again. And the story reminded me of the many such stories Grandma used to tell me when I was a child.

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2 Responses to No Need To Talk

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