Keepsakes or Memorabilia

These guys were talking about toys today (if that surprises you, you should probably read the earlier blog posts). Actually, it was Laurel who was doing the talking.

His point was that today culture seems to be more use and throw compared to what it was earlier. In the earlier days, people had more the habit of preserving, keeping things. For instance, Laurel can still see the toys which his Mom played with when she was a little child. Or the fact that Hardy’s grandfather had a fountain pen which lasted him more than 10 years, while today, not many things which last beyond a month.

The idea seems to be that while we have more things today, the intrinsic value of things seems to have reduced. Could be probably the fact that so many things are available today which diminishes their value. After all, value is about how you perceive it to be, rather then being an intrinsic property of something, and today, if something breaks you can always get a new one, or you might anyway have to buy a new toy when a new movie is released.

So, would you take a minute and tell us whether you agree with this?

Another aspect they were discussing was whether we are not going too far away from basics. Hardy was talking about mothers using wheat flour dough instead of plastic toys for little children when they feel the need to bite on anything they can get their hands on, while Laurel mentioned the fact that in earlier days toys were mostly made of wood instead of plastic, and lasted so much longer, and at times, were handed down from elder brother/sister to younger, if not from one generation to the next.

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17 Responses to Keepsakes or Memorabilia

  1. Atul says:

    Not sure … Does it mean much to hang on to the past? While we need to remember the past, must we stick to it?


  2. Atul says:

    I suppose memories are more in the mind than in things, arent they?


  3. Zameer says:


    The plastics have taken over the wood, also also its value.
    As you have mentioned its not just in the Toys but our change of mindset, that there is always another one to replace, Damn Consumerism !

    How many young kids know to make their own kites these days ?


  4. Zameer says:

    Talking of Human greed, I cant resist but to share this video,
    6 minutes of eye opener indeed !


    • 9minnon says:

      Mahatma Gandhi did say … The world has enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed.

      On the topic of change, some change is good, while some not so. But we seem to be losing the discrimination to decide which is which.


  5. 9minnon says:

    Talking about simplicity, you are giving an idea, Zameer. Watch this space!


  6. akzamy says:

    i hadly see anyone using wooden lacquet toys these day, though the cost of these toys are much cheaper than the plastics available


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